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Culture shock can be pretty intense, whether you’re starting the school year on a new campus, in a new state or in a completely different country. One may be surprised by new ways of living or overwhelmed by such a variety of new people and sights. If you’re starting anew and have some adjusting to do, transition with the shield of stylish reflective sunglasses. As Bill Cunningham, renowned New York Times fashion photographer, famously said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.”

Fashion is our way of expressing, communicating, personalizing and surviving. One can dress differently to suit moods or circumstances, and this Fashionista is no exception. She is a student from Tufts University who is spending her semester abroad at New York University in Prague, Czech Republic. She has never ventured out of the country before, but came well-equipped for the sun and sights with her pink Michael Kors sunglasses.

Spotted in Old Town Square, she is navigating the streets in a chic black maxi dress with pink and gold accessories. This look is perfect for a casual day on the town. The slouchy shoulder bag adds a boho touch and is perfect for holding her map, fuschia lipstick and a camera. I particularly love the simplicity of her layered necklaces, the smaller version displaying a gold leaf similar to those on her belt. When she turns towards the sun, her shades show my reflection in a technicolor flash. Laughing, this Fashionista says she often catches people checking themselves out in her glasses!

This accessory is both classic and playful and can work with any season, for any budget. This Fashionista’s choice of pink is perfect for those early September days filled with sun and sightseeing in a new environment. (Bonus points for the matching belt!) If you don’t already own reflective sunnies, consider a bright orange or gold lens for the fall. A cobalt blue version would be perfect for bright winter days on the slopes!
I hope you’re all assimilating into your college environment with ease and excitement, whether you’re getting back into the swing of a semester or going someplace for the first time. If you’re ever overwhelmed, just throw on your fashion armor and a smile. Looking great won’t be a battle at all.


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