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Paris has caused me to wonder whether or not there could ever truly be a new black. We are constantly being informed that pink is the new black. Red is the new black. Yellow/polka dots/dolphin silkscreens/burnt orange are all the new black. And then there are the people of Paris. As I watch them strolling the streets in head to toe darkness, I am finding myself longing to paint my lips deep red and don a beret the color of a midnight on the chanz de lesay. A self-proclaimed advocate of color on top of color, I am experiencing a confusing and thrilling change of heart. Sometimes black just keeps things classic.

I met this Fashionisto under the Eiffel Tower on a rainy Friday afternoon. We established a common ground through the Canon cameras dangling around our necks. When I asked to take his picture, he offered a perfectly white smile. I appreciated the contrast. Black stands out for its simplicity, its versatility. It is the one color you can wear head to toe in almost any circumstance. (Blue on blue on blue can be fun but it can also make you look like a Smurf.) Black and black and black all over? I don’t think anything has ever maintained chic status for so long.

This Fashionisto was on point with his dark ensemble because he chose to accent the classic with the perfect amount of sass. Note the cheetah print umbrella. It is a fun and punchy accent to his simpler ensemble. He also wore a white plastic button as an earring in one ear. It was a creative touch that really stood out to me. I also loved his glasses. It was then that he told me he was a designer, born in West Africa and traveling the world “for inspiration.” He pulled out a classic pair of Wayfarers and explained that they had been a part of his look until they became overly popular. He decided, as a result, to make his own pair. What says original more than designing your own frames? Needless to say I was very impressed.

The main point here is that there is nothing wrong with an all black outfit. It actually operates as a chic canvas for great standout accessories. It is also useful for travel, as the color can mask stains if it needs to be worn again. My advice is to play with different textures. This Fashionisto chose a black leather jacket for an added element of cool. I was so inspired that I returned to the Eiffel Tower the next day in a black bodysuit and skirt for a stylish photo-op. (Image included!)

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