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What’s more of a win-win situation than being able to leave the house on a lazy day without looking like you’ve just walked off the set of The Walking Dead? Some days I just want to look presentable, and not have people run on opposite ends of the street upon catching sight of my uninspired OOTD (i.e. my favorite yet heartbreakingly unflattering silk tunic and grandma leggings). For those of you who tend to be in a rush more often than you’d like to admit, oftentimes it takes more than considerable effort to not head out in your favorite worn-out T-shirt, or wrapped in your adorable tiger onesie.

However, over the years of trial and error and trying out different solutions, I’ve concluded that the easiest and most reasonably stylish way to leave the house is with a maxi skirt. As a strong fashion figure, Rachel Zoe has been crowned as the mother of all maxis. Whether it’s for work related meetings, appointments with her oh-so-fabulous clients or just to bring adorable Skylar out for a walk, Rachel Zoe has made it clear: maxis are the way to go!

While this Fashionista claimed the old adage that almost every woman has been guilty of coquettishly using before, “What? This old thing? Why, it’s just something I threw on this morning!” there’s no denying that she’s unto something great! Considering that maxi skirts look best in opaque colors, this Fashionista took the convenience level up a notch by incorporating earthy neutrals throughout her look—an incredibly easy colour scheme when it comes to mixing and matching. Moreover, how stunningly beautiful is a long, flowing skirt in neutral or pastel tones? It just screams “princess!”

However, just because it’s convenient, doesn’t mean that it needs to look sloppy. Maxi skirts come in a variety of styles, cuts and textures; which allows it to suit whatever occasion you need it to. For instance, a draped maxi adds more shape and drama to your look, as well as, highlights the best parts of your curves. On the other hand, a sequined maxi skirt can add a much needed touch of glamour for more dressier events without the risk of going overboard. The best part of all this is that any of these amazing long skirts can be paired with an understated black top, and for formal events, simply throw a blazer over the shoulders.

Before you know it, you’ll be stepping out of the house feeling like a million bucks without a care in the world — even on the laziest of days. Plus, it sure beats wearing your old sweatpants!



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