STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Maxi Skirts And Animal Prints

Style Advice of the Week

Amidst the cold winter days up north, with scarves, boots, tights, vests, gloves and hats, it is always nice to get away and observe what people in winters elsewhere, closer to the warmer, lower hemisphere, wear when the cold isn’t much of a problem. The other side of the country, where the sun is almost always shining and the light ocean breeze comforts you underneath the otherwise scorching sun.

Destination: Miami.

Population: Around 400,000 people.

Current Temperature: 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Fashionista takes a risk with her animal print long sleeve blouse when pairing it with a long, black maxi skirt. “I should really wear it more, the maxi skirt is so comfortable and very versatile,” says this Fashionista. She was spotted out and about browsing stores at an open mall in South Miami, but mentions she would wear the skirt out at night or even to the beach, perhaps in a different color.

Take her advice, and take a risk. As the days get warmer, wherever you may be, try the maxi skirt in color or perhaps in a sheer print. As far as her shirt is concerned, try an animal print blouse, such as this cheetah one, to complement an otherwise simple look, taking you from day to night.


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