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Forget first day of school, the real trick to know when someone has style is spotting them wearing a cool outfit during finals. I mean, who could possibly be thinking of wearing something unique and inspiring while preparing for a really important test. Um, hello yoga pants and baggy shirt, right? Luckily not everyone thinks that way, otherwise there would be no one for me to photograph!

During final exam week, this Fashionista was sporting one of the most awesome outfits I saw all year, which is actually saying something. It is not everyone who can mix formal wear with casual wear and not look uncomfortable. This collegiate owned her look. Rule number two in fashion—because rule number one is to not take fashion seriously—make sure you embrace what you are wearing. Trust me, people can tell if you do not feel good in your clothes.

The best part about this Fashionista’s look is probably her Keds, simply because that was the key accessory into making her outfit go from formal chic to style icon of the week.  This just goes to prove that a random accessory or choice of clothing item can do wonders for a look.

So moral of the story is to think outside the box. There is nothing more original and cool than mixing accessories and clothes that at first glance do not match. Did you check out the CollegeFashionista Team’s post called “Mr. Céline”? A perfect example of combining pieces that do not seem like they will go together but do. I hope you follow this advice and try wearing a bold look.



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