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The hunt for an eye-catching ensemble is not always easy. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, gazing into your closet just trying to find the one piece to form your outfit around. With so many current trends, do you let your accessories, footwear or crop top shine? I am sometimes a victim of this form of outfit anxiety, as I try on handfuls of tops just trying to find the one that best complements the single necklace or pair of booties I am desperate to base my look around. This Fashionista breaks the mold by mixing all different statement pieces and textures to form a perfectly playful, pastel outfit.

This Fashionista first caught my eye with her floral panel hat. From there, I noticed her chambray crop top, gold chain necklace, lace skater skirt and olive canvas backpack. There are so many different fabrics and colors within this outfit, but she has done an incredible job of keeping this look fluid and carefree.

The key to successfully mixing and matching is choosing a color scheme and sticking with it. This Fashionista’s outfit stands out and works well, for she kept all of her pieces pastel and cool, even down to her comfy kicks and nude nails.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Be comfortable! You can mix and match through the realms of your wardrobe, but if you’re not comfy, the outfit just isn’t fun anymore.”


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