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There is something about the overused photo of three diverse, college students wearing their various school paraphernalia walking through campus pictured on nearly every college brochure to draw prospective applicants to look further into the school. Their smiles and school spirit is contagious! The reality of “school swag” is that it can easily come off as cheesy, unimaginative and overdone; however, this Fashionisto exemplifies the fact that a school logo has the potential to pull together an outfit and give off that perfectly put-together collegiate vibe.

This Fashionisto pairs his well-fitted Emory sweatshirt with black jeans, tan moccasin boots and a khaki backpack, taking a casual article of clothing and making it presentable. His look is versatile enough to be worn to lunch at the dining hall with friends or to a meeting with a professor. It may be casual, but he is obviously comfortable and still looks stylish. Stores like Urban Outfitters frequently market this trend with collegiate style and vintage-inspired college T-shirts. There is something about a college logo that attracts people. It should probably not be worn by anyone over the age of 25, but for these golden years, we should make it work.

Going through the bookstore is undoubtedly a part of every college students orientation week. Overexcited parents attempt to stock up on bumper stickers that say “[insert university name here] DAD” and mugs with the university emblem. I would propose that this excursion be used for your benefit. Next time you find yourself in that area of campus, try looking out for a well-fitting tee or sweatshirt that can be worn outside of your dorm room. Try a crewneck sweatshirt tucked into a mini skirt, like this one from Madewell, and some loafers for a preppy collegiate look.

The cheesy college logo does not have to be reserved for dorm room hangouts. With the right pieces, it can easily be proudly worn out. This Fashionisto proves that cheese can actually look pretty good sometimes — there’s no harm in having a little school spirit.


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