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Award yourselves, fashion enthusiasts of Kent State University. All of you have made it through the fall 2013 semester! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to relish in the four glorious weeks of winter break.  A few days ago I packed up the Subaru and was homeward bound. Upon my arrival, I decided to stop at my favorite bakery at the city’s center. After purchasing my banana cream cupcake and consuming it savagely, I noticed a swarm of people that were rather fashionable. There was a new exhibit at the local art gallery, and the art connoisseurs’ ensembles were as modern and fresh as the art. I felt at one with Oscar Wilde in that moment; life certainly imitates art.

This week’s Fashionista emerged from the crowd and I instantly thought, “Genre mixer! Yes!” She was the epitome of bohemian chic meets the rocker in black. The Fashionista wore a red, cropped band T-shirt paired with a black high-waisted skirt that fell three or four inches above the ankle. It was my favorite garment from her look because:

1) I love black.

2) I love fringe.

3) I love that hemline.

This type of skirt is a must have for the maxi lovers of the world. One can still attain a long skirted look without having the hem a salty and sloshy mess as it drags through the snow. Bravo, Fashionista. In order to stay sheltered from the snow, she wore a black and white letterman jacket. Like blue jeans, fashion enthusiasts, this piece is a staple. Her accessories included a woven, bohemian-esque bag, as well as a floral turban and a pair of black moon boots. This week’s Fashionista knows how to stand out in a crowd and look edgy doing it. Her hooped nose ring and amazing Delevingne inspired brows took this look from fantastic to phenomenal.  So go out there! Make a statement and be a genre mixer! Be inspired by everything! After all; life imitates art.


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