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Gentlemen’s fashion never ceases to amaze me. They have this effortless look that always shines through even the simplest of outfits. Ladies, I understand how frustrated you are. I envy how manly and carefree men can look with just a few simple items. For guys, it is as simple as throwing on a flannel as this Fashionisto has done to look handsome.

A man’s shoes tell a lot of about himself. There are men who only wear Nikes and others who you can’t find in anything else other than their slippers. Though these work just as well, a man who invests in shoes is a true Fashionisto. This Fashionisto has on a uptown version of suede shoes. These classier shoes allow him to look put together with an outfit as simple as his flannel and jeans.

For gentlemen, I truly believe that less is more. Men in classic white button-downs and jeans is subtle but equally as handsome as a suit and tie. For the colder months pair this traditional outfit with a trench coat and scarf. You will look bundled outside and then when you move inside, you’ll be back to comfortable casual. To dress this outfit up, try tucking your shirt in with a belt for a more sophisticated look.

So gentlemen, never feel as though you need to go above and beyond to impress us, we simply love the less is more look.

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