STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leggings Over Everything

Style Advice of the Week

I used to be wholly against the idea of wearing leggings as pants, but attending college has forced me to change my opinion. It seems that the wearing of leggings has become an every day luxury for the Fashionista lifestyle. When you are posted up in the library for hours on end, it is completely necessary to wear something that will not irk you for the entire sitting.

I found this to be the case for this Fashionista who was found rocking leather leggings. The outfit was dressed down with a graphic cut-off T-shirt and plain black flip flops. Since the library is usually chilly, she decided to bring a black hooded zip-up. This Fashionista kept her look cozy with her hair in a fishtail braid and oversized glasses. She finalized her outfit by accessorizing with Betsey Johnson skull stud earrings and a simple midi ring.

Since black matches almost everything, black leggings are most efficient for any occasion. If you are in a rush to class, try any oversized sweater and black flats. It is a quick go-to that never fails. Furthermore, I know we all have those busy days where most of our time is spent running errands around Oakland. For those never ending days, black leggings and combat boots (my personal favorite) provide comfort and durability no matter where you are walking. Lastly, if you are in need of a more formal outfit, copy this Fashionista’s leather legging look. Dress up your leather leggings with a chic tunic and bulky black wedges!

Regardless of gender, it is clear that our generation has nothing but love for leggings. Most guys love the way they look on the opposite sex while most girls love the way they feel. Either way, the legging trend is expanding and we all welcome it to stay!


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