STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leather is Forever

Style Advice of the Week

I vividly remember my adolescent days when I would be sentenced to my room and forced without an appeal to clean out my closet. The guidelines were simple — three piles: toss, keep and maybe. To any rebelling teenage girl like myself whose style changes from rocker Amy Winehouse to queen bee Blair Waldorf over night, one could simply not live without any given piece. Depressed and annoyed but following instructions, I did what was asked, removing all but my most versatile and signature leather boots — because well let’s face it Fashionistas, leather is forever.

Leather comes in a multitude of forms. While this Fashionista stays true to leather’s best form (the boot), it cannot go without notice the evolution of leather. In attempt to find an edgy look, seek out Olivia Palermo’s staple leather shorts and top it with a perfectly tailored blazer. For those who want a more relaxed everyday look, Lauren Conrad scores a ten with her signature leather leggings and chiffon blouse.

If you are like me and dress for chic-comfort, achieving this Fashionista’s ensemble is easy as pie. Opt for a dark wash skinny jean that works best for your body type. (I happened to fall in love with my dark skinnies when roaming through Madewell this past Christmas break!) To achieve perfection, try to keep it simple: black jackets, blazers or cardigans will suffice and work well with any case of the Mondays that fall your way.

Remember, keep it simple when accessorizing. I cannot say it enough; leather is loud. Trying to do too much at once ruins your entire outfit and ultimately takes away from your beautiful boots. Create a color palette and work it throughout the outfit. This Fashionista’s use of white within her scarf and glove allows it to mix well and look effortless.

Whether it was your mother in the ’80s embracing her inner Madonna or us channeling a more modern day look, the audience voted and leather is forever.


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