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Sometimes when I am searching through my closet for an outfit to wear, I find myself focusing mostly on the colors and the patterns of the pieces. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the beautiful red of our favorite new sweater or the fabulous vintage floral pattern in the dress we’re saving for spring, but sometimes we forget that the texture of our clothing is just as important. This week’s Fashionista stuck to a neutral color scheme; however, the diverse textures in her outfit add some flair to her look and make it a lot more interesting.

During the winter we are constantly being told to bundle up and layering becomes a huge trend, which is why texturizing your look is a very simple way to mix things up during the cooler months. This Fashionista is wearing a gorgeous white lace top, which she pairs with a copper brown circle skirt. Sticking to nice neutral earth tones, this Fashionista wears sheer brown tights and throws on a khaki colored leather jacket to keep warm. To finish off her look, she wears black leather ankle booties with awesome red laces and some simple jewelry with pops of blue to add some interest.

To achieve this Fashionista’s look try pairing leather with lace. This combination seems odd at first, but the femininity of lace balances out the edginess of leather perfectly. When it comes to making an outfit look put together it’s all about balance—you don’t want too much of one thing. Wearing a simple jersey dress? Try pairing it with a denim jacket. Wearing a sheer collared shirt? Throw a loosely knit cardigan on top of it. To unify the different textures, you should stick with a color scheme and try to limit the patterned pieces. The mixing of textures replaces patterned fabric in this case, you don’t want to overdo it.

Next time you go into your wardrobe, try concentrating a little more on what the fabric feels like instead of on just how it looks. Stray away from cotton-on-cotton and mix it up. Wearing different textures gives your overall look a lot more definition and it allows you to be more creative. Think of your lace dress as the pretty cheerleader in high school and your leather jacket is the bad boy. In this case opposites definitely attract.


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