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We’ve reached the home-stretch. The semester, moreover the school year as a whole, has begun to dwindle down. Spring break has come and gone and spring fever is in the air. Though warm weather is generally associated with liveliness and energy, it is also associated with laziness. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to get out of bed and go to class, let alone take the time to pick out an outfit and get dressed. So you throw on the basic jeans and a sweatshirt. But the question remains— how do you take the lazy day outfit and give it a chic and fashionable edge?

We turn to this Fashionista to find out. The base of her ensemble is a classic lazy day sweatshirt and a pair of dark denim jeans. Nevertheless, fitted perfectly and topped with proper accessories and an eye-catching pair of shoes, you hardly notice.

Our Fashionista’s black sweatshirt is not too tight or too large, rather just big enough to create a sense of comfort without looking baggy or worn. Moreover, when worn with a fitted pair of denim pants, the attire complements our Fashionista’s figure. In addition to the optimal size of the sweatshirt, which constructs a strong base for a casual outfit, the uniform black color of the sweatshirt, rather than a logo embedded or color crazy sweatshirt, allows for many opportunities when it comes to accessorizing and adding a personal, fashion-driven edge to the comfort.

This Fashionista chose to add an extra punch to her outfit with a lightweight, sea foam green, infinity scarf and a pair of knee-high, brown and black boots. The bright sea foam green color of the scarf forms a contrast against the darkness of the sweatshirt and takes a bit of attention from it, acting as a focal point for the upper portion of the ensemble.

When it comes to the lower portion of the attire, the boots act as a focal point. In fact, the boots act as a focal point for the outfit in it’s entirety. What better way to dress up a casual outfit than a good pair of shoes? Personally, being a “shoe person,” this tactic is my favorite. A good pair of shoes can boost any comfort geared outfit from plain old lazy day to trendy and chic.

So even when you feel like reaching for the basic lazy day sweatshirt and calling it a day, do it with a pop of style. Experience fashion with an added comfort or comfort with an added sense of fashion, whichever way you chose to see it!


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