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Regardless of most 70-degree days here in sunny California, getting dressed for school in the mornings can sometimes be pretty challenging since it’s only around 50 degrees when I leave for my 8:00 a.m. classes. If it’s cold when I leave for school but I know it’ll eventually get warm throughout the day, what am I supposed to wear? My answer to this question is simple—layers. They’ve become my new best friend. Having multiple articles of clothing on keeps me warm in the morning and allows me to easily take them off and still look cute as the day gets warmer; it’s a win-win in my book.

This Fashionista reveals just how cute dressing in layers can be. She demonstrates how to pull off this trend in a polished way. Her bottom layer is a short flowy dress, which acts as a skirt because of her Free People sweater layered over it. The top layer is a trendy military jacket which she can easily take off once it gets warm. If it was just a bit colder, she could simply add tights and a scarf to make this look more appropriate.

Though this sounds highly basic, my favorite outfit in the whole world is undoubtedly anything that allows me to utilize my embarrassingly large flannel collection. If I had a late night, waking up at seven in the morning for class can sometimes be a struggle. When mornings are rough, I like to dress as comfy as I can, which is where my flannels come into play. Keeping with the theme of dressing in layers, it’s pretty standard for me to wear a fun tank top or graphic T-shirt underneath a worn out flannel with either combat or knee-high boots. To add another layer, I like to wear a zip-up hoodie underneath my flannel because everything is better with a hood.

Dressing in multiple layers may seem finicky to some people because of the many components that go into a single look, but I particularly love this trend because it enables me to utilize so many of the pieces in my closet. Not only that, but dressing in layers provides a plethora of outfit options since there are so many ways to mix and match pieces. Now what Fashionista/o wouldn’t want that?


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