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When looking at men’s fashion on the University of Montana campus, I usually come across a sea of jeans and hoodies. Not that there is anything wrong with jeans and hoodies, I’m quite a fan of them myself, but I definitely can admire when I guy adds a little more effort and creativity to his outfit. Layers are an amazing way to create an overall more interesting look, while remaining comfortable and laid back at the same time. This week’s Fashionisto is a perfect example of how you do not have to say goodbye to jeans and hoodies to mix up your style.

What I love about the winter is that it is actually so much easier to look put together. The cold weather makes layering ideal, and this Fashionisto is definitely making the cooler weather work to his advantage. He wears a white, graphic print T-shirt with a simple black hoodie on top. His hoodie is partially unzipped, which shows off the layers in his look but doesn’t sacrifice the hoodie’s warmth. I particularly like how his pale, taupe colored coat is completely unzipped over the top of everything. This creates a balanced look with the partially unzipped hoodie, and adds to his layered look. Keeping his outfit laid back, this Fashionisto finishes his look off with some semi-distressed jeans, black sunglasses and a pair of gray, plaid patterned sneakers.

To achieve this Fashionisto’s casual but stylish look, use a graphic T-shirt and a pair of jeans as the base of your outfit. Instead of throwing on a sweatshirt, try a simple hoodie or even a plaid button-down shirt if your T-shirt is on the simpler side. For extra warmth and even more interest, put a neutral jacket over everything, Make sure to leave it unzipped to showcase your layers, not hide them.

Another tip for layering is to make sure that the colors and patterns of your pieces complement each other—this is key for creating that awesome laid back but polished look. Layering is actually easier than it appears, and you don’t even have to give up wearing your favorite pieces! Instead, incorporate them into a layered look that will keep you warm as well as looking put together throughout the winter.


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