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I don’t like Kristen Stewart. I am sorry for all those Twilight fans out there that feel I have wronged their souls and will never read any of my articles ever again, but I just don’t like her. I do however really appreciate her alternative take on red carpet style when she pairs her old, worn-out Converse with gorgeous designer pieces. There is something about the juxtaposition of rugged and chic that makes the odd pair work.

Aside from the very obvious and well-enacted trends she is sporting such as her tribal print body con dress and her denim shirt, our Fashionista is also debuting a trend that I saw everywhere while I was abroad in Europe and is now re-growing in popularity here; The pairing of dresses with Converse instead of flats.

As I stated earlier, the queen of this look is none other than our beloved stoic Kristen Stewart. However I feel unbiased enough to pronounce this week’s Fashionista as the new queen because of her much more updated take on this look. What sets her apart is that her low cut classic Converse are light in color, which makes them easier on the eyes. A darker color would draw attention immediately to her feet and would neglect to piece her whole look together. So when you are recreating your version of this look, go for a lighter color like white, tan or sky blue. You don’t even need to have exactly the same style shoe especially when there are so many great alternatives out there. One of my favorite summer shoes have been Keds because of the cool casualness that they provide without looking too bulky on the feet. There is definitely a tender balance when wearing a skirt or a dress with a lace-up shoe so that you don’t end up looking like you’re in Junior High School still experimenting with your style.

The rest of her look is fantastic because of the way the blue, denim shirt makes the blue in her eyes piercing. This is a great piece to own because the neutrality allows you to literally throw it on anything regardless of pattern. Speaking of pattern, my admiration of the tribal print continues to grow through the summer and will most likely follow me into the fall. The black and white is classic, but the print itself spices up what might have been just another summer dress. Her accessories go with the theme of her dress with a silver printed ring and cuff. The brown cross body back is the best way to top off this trendy look by breaking up with black white and blue with a deep brown contrasting color.

To sum it all up, throw out the flats and bring in the lace-ups for a hint of cool that will spice up your casual wear.


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