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Going to class comfortably is important but comfortable can have a quite a different definition to everyone. In fact it can be anything you want it to be. Some people feel more comfortable going to class in leggings and long T-shirts, others in their Sundays best and then you have the ones in between. If you refuse to wear athletic clothes everyday to class and you’re not planning to go to a grand ball within your school day, then you most likely lie in between of the two extremes.

That being said, I had to meet this Fashionista because of her stylish and laid back outfit. She had on a gray hoodie with a cool cartoon graphic, a tribal print cardigan and a long crochet scarf creating a nice layered look. She was also wearing a pair of brown colored skinny jeans, which went great with the rest of the colors in her outfit. Lastly, and what I pretty much fell head over heels for, were her burgundy loafers.

These shoes, which were super popular through the ‘40 all the way to the ‘60s were first spotted in mens’ fashion. It wasn’t until the designer of the first loafers began to realize that women were buying this mens’ shoe but in smaller sizes and so they began making styles for women. Today, we see a lot more of the women styles in more of the flat moccasin style, but this Fashionista’s loafer was in the style of a classic mens’ shoe making it super couture.

I found a very similar shoe to the one that she was wearing from the Office. They would go great with a nice pair of skinny-legged pants, like the brown pants that this Fashionista was wearing or a tan pair of chinos. For something like a job interview, you can also consider wearing these shoes with some neutrally colored pants and a tailored blazer. I saw these less traditional ones on ASOS, with a nice gold chain detail that could play up any accessories you may decide to wear. It also has a nice little platform to it for added height without the uncomfortable feeling of a heel. These bright white platform loafers are my favorite in the platform style. I have an obsession with spotting eye-capturing shoes so when I saw these they became an automatic favorite. There are endless amount of ways to wear this pair too. You could wear them with your favorite daytime dress or something with a pattern, like plaid print bottoms.

Although cool socks are a wonderful addition to any outfit, some people decide to wear no shows or even no socks with loafers depending on personal preference. There really isn’t a wrong way to wear these semi-casual shoes. If you do like to wear socks with your loafers I personally love these crochet lace or ruffle socks but you could also wear socks with Flamingos or even knee-highs! It really all comes down to personal preference when it comes to selecting the right pair of socks to make your outfit look that much more amazing.

My style advice of the week is to find a suitable loafer for your own wardrobe. If you’re one for vintage shopping, you should first take a look at your local thrift store in search for a pair of these classic bad boys. But if you can’t find that right pair or size no need to worry because tons of online stores like the ones I mentioned above supply loafers in a variety of materials and styles.


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