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Contradictions make life full of flavor. It is not the sweet, nor is it just the salty that we have come to love, but the unexpected combination of the two. The same approach to adding some spice to life goes for fashion. Certainly a Fashionista can be labeled as “bohemian” if she dresses strictly in maxi skirts and wide leg paisley pants. If a Fashionista wears only lace and pastel colors, it is easy to sort her into the “feminine prep” category. There is nothing wrong with sticking to a certain style or look, but what is truly exciting is a Fashionista who dares to break the mold. By picking pieces from all different styles instead of being bound by the rules of say, “grunge,” fashion can be a fun experiment rather than a clear-cut commitment.

This Fashionista looked fiercely fabulous sporting leather and playing with one of my favorite fashion contradictions that is “rocker chic.” Leather can be a tricky trend to incorporate into your wardrobe, let alone in the summer. Her styling of the leather skirt is nowhere near that of a rock band groupie, but instead of a sophisticated student. Her outfit is unexpected, fresh and balances the harshness of the leather with neutral ballet flats.

Incorporating a leather skirt into the summer mix is an exciting way to switch up your wardrobe. Pair it with lighter, feminine pieces, for greater contrast. A midi-length looks great with a chiffon blouse tucked in. For those not willing to go all-leather, look for a skirt with leather detailing to toughen up your pretty look. Don’t forget your cropped denim jacket, as this Fashionista perfectly finished her look with. Harness the fun of breaking the fashion boundaries, and celebrate life’s contradictions.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pick what you like and feel comfortable in!”


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