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School’s out and summer has been underway for quite some time now. For some of us, summer means doing absolutely nothing. Just like when we were younger, summer consists of sleeping in late, relaxing by the pool and selling homemade lemonade. (Actually, don’t do that. There comes a time when you’re no longer cute, and selling questionable substances for 50 cents is weird.) On the other hand, as some of us get older, summer has come to mean something entirely different. Jobs. Internships. Classes. We have to actually think about the one thing we’re all at least a little bit afraid of: the future. Doing resume building activities in the summer will prepare you for what’s to come when you have to enter the real world, and you will also start to learn what you do and don’t want for your career path. Did I just sound like your college advisor? Probably. But seriously, it’s important.

If you want to make sure you stand out at your internship or summer job, you obviously have to poses a great work ethic—but dressing the part doesn’t hurt. It’s extremely important to look presentable and professional all while staying true to your personal style.

This Fashionista does a perfect job of mastering “office chic.” If blazers aren’t your style, try out a kimono like this Fashionista’s. Originally a traditional Japanese garment, the kimono has made its way to the U.S. and I could not be happier. The trend has transitioned from winter to spring and now summer. This piece is extremely versatile. Not only could she wear her floral kimono to the office, but she could also throw it on over her bathing suit and head straight to the beach.

She completes her office attire with an adorable blue-green dress, a black and gold cuff and a pair of flats.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Office wear doesn’t always have to be a suit and a pair of heels. Switch out these old structured items for layering pieces with more movement and flow. A classy kimono is the perfect summer staple addition to any Fashionista’s closet.


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