STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keeping Things Balanced

Style Advice of the Week

The statement “opposites attract” has never held more truth. Let’s think back to the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang for a second. The concept states that opposites are interdependent on each other, which means they need one another to exist. Thus, when opposites come together they create a balance. This idea holds true for many aspects of life whether you’re dealing with relationships or balancing a busy schedule. It can also be applied to the world of fashion.

This Fashionista has taken on a balancing act with her chic outfit. At the base of the ensemble are simple black nylon tights paired with black lace-up booties. The next layer of the outfit involves a plain white V-neck and a pair of black leather shorts. For outerwear, she’s wearing a light and flowy black cardigan and the focus of her outfit, a white faux fur coat. This coat contrasts the outfit drastically. First of all, the coat is an opposite when it comes to proportion. While the rest of the outfit is slim and form fitting, the coat is quite bulky. However, this bulky look is pulled off very well due to the contrasting proportions. If this Fashionista were to have had large bulky pants, then the outfit would have been overwhelming. Secondly, the coat contrasts in style. Her base look is simple and edgy, while the coat is girly and extravagant. Once again, this contrast is pulled off because of the balance. Instead of making the outfit completely edgy or entirely girly, she meets somewhere in the middle.

So how can you achieve this contrasting look? One word: balance. The most common contrasting look going around now is the floral dress with leather jacket pairing. However, there are other ways to create contrast. For a subtler look, try a bleached denim jacket instead of the leather one. This will look rugged without veering too far away from the look of the floral dress. Another contrasting look could include a black leather jacket, skinny jeans and a cute hair bow. This is a great way to make sure that your outfit isn’t too rugged by maintaining a girly touch.

The most important thing to remember when you’re experimenting with opposites and contrasting pieces is balance. Balance keeps the universe in check and it will do the same for your outfits!


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