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Personally one of my favorite things about college is how we essentially end up getting two first days of school. Two first weeks where our biggest stress is making sure we find the right classroom and otherwise life is a breeze. I have found that this week is actually one of the most entertaining weeks to pay attention to fashion on a college campus. We all come back fresh from making a New Years resolution, ready to push our bad habits out and adopt better ones. Of course there is no better way to ring in the start of a new year other than dressing to impress on the first day of school. Choosing an outfit that exerts confidence and is put together personally sets my tone for the entire semester.

Trying to find that perfect outfit that shows your seriousness about school while still feeling comfortable is a daunting task. That’s why my advice for this first week of classes is to keep it simple. There is no reason to show up looking like you could be the professor yourself.

Sticking to clothes that have always done you well is the perfect way to go. This Fashionista shows us how we can keep our style looking edgy while retaining poise during that first day of school. She chooses neutral basic colors while choosing a slightly different look for the winter months. Keeping her style laid back does not show a lack of interest but rather, that she will take on the semester with a relaxed outlook. And while her look is leaning towards an almost grunge outfit, it works in its simplicity. Her choice of a long basic dress is great to show something different without going wild, while her larger coat is practical for the colder months. Choosing an outfit that sticks to classic basics for the first week of classes will give you a clear head to worry about more important things. The first week of school, while relaxed in terms of workload, has enough chaos already that your outfit doesn’t need to add to it.


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