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I change my mind a lot—usually very quickly, always very stubbornly. I like to think it’s part of my mysterious and unpredictable aura, but instead I’m told that I should really just stop being so indecisive. Akin to my state of inner vacillation is Florida’s temperamental weather. You truly need shorts, a jacket and an umbrella just to get through five minutes of walking outside. Of course, as a thick-blooded Northerner, 60 degrees in January is nothing short of glorious to me, meaning that my outer layers plan on staying hidden far, far away.

However, today’s Fashionista, a native Floridian, rocked an outfit that is friendly to the changing climate. One of my favorite combinations, skinny jeans and boots always act as a good base to build an interesting outfit. Furthermore, who doesn’t love a great blouse added to trusty jeans? Blouses are perfect wardrobe pieces: they can be paired with jeans and boots for class, jeans and heels for nighttime festivities and pencil skirts and pumps for internships. This Fashionista’s blouse, in a great sailor-like pattern, is airy enough to withstand the midday humidity, yet simple enough to add layers on top for chillier evenings.

The neckline of the blouse is tied with a girly bow, making it less stuffy than the classic button-up. She complements the blouse bow with dangling bow earrings, made visible by the perfect sock bun updo. By pulling your hair up away from your face, you can easily show off prominent earrings during the day in a casual fashion.

A printed blouse, a polished hairstyle and fun jewelry are the perfect trio to help you make the best of confusing weather situation occasionally plaguing Florida.


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