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We once took beautiful days for granted here in Hampton, Virginia. This has by far been the coldest winter I’ve witnessed in my three years at Hampton University. This year’s frequent snow storms has caused four complete snow days within the last two weeks.

The rare weather has become quite frustrating for us Fashionistas. When we do happen to catch a warm day, we are extremely appreciative. It was just yesterday when we randomly hit the 50 degree mark, and it was highly visible that the student body was ecstatic to encounter warmer weather. I was able to catch up with one Fashionista who celebrated the forecast through her ensemble choice. She chose a casual look that included blue jeans and a maroon top. She also threw on a faux fur vest, a gold necklace and brown boots. This kind of ensemble is perfect for the transitioning weather.

Although the weather is getting warmer, don’t forget that it is still winter. Don’t try to overdo it by wearing springtime ensembles. This Fashionista exemplified this perfectly. Her choices in fabrics are not too heavy but not too light. They are just right for the occasion.

For this week, I advise you to experiment with this look. If you happen to come across a warm day, get rid of that bulky coat and sport a vest over a casual outfit. Be sure that you stick with long sleeves and long pants due to the weather not being that warm, quite yet. Vests come in a variety of styles, but faux fur is great for the winter season. Attempt to adopt this look and feel free to put your own twist to it. It’s the “vest” way.


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