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Mother nature has been very indecisive lately. Too cold to snow one day, a warm spring day the following, and then she throws in a blizzard! What is a Fashionista/o to do with weather like this? Not look stylish? Wrong. This Fashionisto knows exactly how to dress fashionably while being ready for whatever Mother Nature throws his way.

Fashionista/os: I present to you the bomber jacket. The bomber jacket was originally worn by pilots in order to keep warm, but the trend quickly caught on and now designers such as Marc Jacobs and Kenneth Cole can be seen making the stylish frocks.

The great thing about a bomber jacket is that you can fit a heavy sweater or a million layers underneath for a cold day, or wear it with just a shirt underneath for a warmer day. The bomber jacket can adjust to any given temperature.

My favorite bomber jacket is this one by TopShop. I love the shine of the nylon and the contrast of the zipper. It’s an easy way to give a school day outfit some edge. I also love this bomber jacket from Men’s Warehouse for a Fashionisto. The pockets on the front add a nice clean detail that makes the jacket stand out from the rest.

Take this Fashionisto’s style advice and purchase a bomber jacket! The advice is legit. He knows how to dress like a rock-star because he is one. After commenting on his rock band vibe he told me about his band Red Panda. A musician and a Fashionisto? I’ll be sure to purchase my bomber jacket before his trend spreads like wild fire.


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