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The last few weeks after Thanksgiving break are always the hardest. Between finals, presentations and all of the last minute assignments that you neglected to complete all semester, the forecast ahead calls for nothing but stress. Not to mention, you’re also extremely tired. You’ve tired out most of your wardrobe and you have definitely tired yourself out to the point where getting dressed seems like such a petty task. But don’t let these next few weeks knock you down. Instead, it’s important to still get dressed every morning as if you were going to meet your soulmate or see your worst enemy. Plus, it’s proven that if you look better, you feel better; and if you feel better, you perform better; and being that everyone wants to do their best, you should dress like it.

This Fashionisto caught my eye as soon as I walked into the study section of the book store. First of all, he was studying in jeans, which is more than I can say for myself (thank the fashion gods for black leggings!). And on top of that, even though his head was buried inside a political science textbook, you could still tell he really put thought and effort into his outfit.

His burgundy sweater is perfectly in season and paired with his dark wash jeans he looks seriously ready to brave any finals storm. He paired his ensemble with white Nike sneakers which matched just fine and were definitely important for comfort on his walk from his apartment all the way to the bookstore.

Although his outfit seems pretty effortless, I thought it was important to showcase him because it exemplifies that even though it’s finals week and the going is tough, his outfit is reassuring that there is still hope. So as you get ready to cram all semester’s worth of calculus in your head and try to memorize every Spanish word in the dictionary, keep in mind that someone is always checking out what you’re wearing!


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