STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s Almost That Time Again…

Style Advice of the Week

It’s coming to that point in the semester when, as hard as it is to believe, classes are almost over and finals are almost here. Yup, that distant sound of crying you heard was me. Seriously speaking, finals (and the weeks leading up to finals) are a stressful time for just about everyone. No matter how prepared you are, something about those last exams just brings about an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, as well as the desire to wear nothing but sweatpants. I’ve said this in articles before, but I’ll say it again and again — dress well, test well. Fight the urge to wear gym clothes and put together a simple, cute outfit and you’ll feel better, work better and do better on all your finals. Of course studying helps too, but those are just details.

This Fashionista managed to look cute on a Monday of all days (no one likes Mondays), and inspired me to try to look fashionable in the coming finals-filled weeks. Follow her lead and wear something casual and comfortable, but put a little extra effort in to keep your overall sense of style in tact. I love throwing a chambray button-down over a dress; it’s an easy way to keep things stylish and it’s the perfect layering piece for the current weather.

Mixing patterns is also something that this Fashionista did well. Don’t be afraid to wear multiple patterns in one outfit. If you do it right, then your outfit will be visually interesting without seeming crazy. The key is finding a balance between patterns and making sure they don’t clash. It takes some skill and maybe a little practice, but this Fashionista proves that it can work.

I also love that this Fashionista chose to wear glasses. I wear contacts most days, but was inspired to opt for something different when I saw how chic this Fashionista looked in her pair. It’s a comfortable, easy and casual look that is perfect for days spent studying on campus. Looking for the perfect pair of specs? Try out different sites to see which style looks best on you. Personally, I love this style, but the possibilities are endless!


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