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With spring in full bloom, the students at Bucknell have already been seen donning their favorite swimsuits and taking in the warmth.  Even though there may be a need to show some skin, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish what is and isn’t appropriate for class, especially because summer break is just around the corner.

This Fashionista managed to find the balance in a camel-toned, sheer shirt. While this shirt may be long sleeved, the thin material still lets her feel the warm breeze. By pairing the sheer shirt with a simple undershirt, this outfit was instantly class appropriate. With that being said, the best thing about a sheer shirt is that it is so versatile. One moment you can be wearing it over a tank to class, and the next you can use it as a cover-up over your favorite bathing suit. Camel is a great color for the spring because it is a light neutral hue that can mix with anything. Not only that, but if you wear gold jewelry like this Fashionista, the camel color will really make it stand out.

Denim shorts are always a must for spring and summer. Our Fashionista’s Free People jean shorts do not disappoint. The lace on the sides of the shorts and the slight definitely takes this outfit up a notch. Adding details to denim instantly makes them more fun and unique. You will definitely be noticed looking great in them walking to class

Make your outfit more personal by adding a piece of jewelry that means something to you. The turquoise Saint Christopher’s necklace around this Fashionista’s neck is more than just a pretty pendant. It also signifies her love to travel. Adding meaning to an outfit is a great way to make an outfit more memorable.

Sheer fabric is the perfect material for spring and summer. One shirt can give you a whole range of outfits. Just remember to be a little more conservative if you wear sheer to class as you enjoy the warmth.


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