STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: In Search Of The Perfect Denim Shorts

Style Advice of the Week

There’s something so refreshing about the newly warm weather. No one likes being bundled up inside while snow and ice is falling from the sky, when you can’t seem to put on enough layers and the hours spent on Netflix piles up. With the sun out and the weather finally brightening, the possibilities are endless. You can get outside and go on a stroll, hit up a day party, walk around and shop or my personal favorite, have a relaxing outdoor lunch on the terrace of your favorite restaurant. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for all of these activities and enjoying the spring weather.

This Fashionista wears an absolute outfit staple—the perfect pair of jean shorts. When it comes to spring and summer, there is no doubt that you need this article of clothing in your closet. For as long as fashion can remember, the denim short has been in style, in some form or another. They can be worn in so many different occasions, in so many different looks, and for many different purposes. I love the way her shorts have a distressed look to them, because it adds detail to a piece of clothing that can sometimes be a little plain. The extra long pocket is also nice detail to this pair as well. That’s the other great thing about denim shorts—each pair comes in different styles, so each pair says something a little different about your vibe that day.

This Fashionista wears them in a sort of bohemian and urban look by pairing them with a sheer, white, peplum style shirt and a pair of tan, lace-up boots. She wears subtle, gold jewelry to add a little simplistic touch to this outfit. You don’t always need bold accessories for every look, and this Fashionista demonstrates that well. This simplicity draws attention and contrast to her perfectly distressed shorts, pulling her outfit together and welcoming the warm weather in a trendy way.



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