STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: I’m Bringin’ Skater Back

Style Advice of the Week

When old trends and styles come back to fashion after quite a few years, it can go one of two ways: either the trend is interpreted in a new and updated way, or it is a throwback that we wish could be left in the past. This week’s Fashionista knew how to bring back a classic style in a creative and modern way. She took the old school slouchy “skater” look and made it look like high-end fashion.

I’m sure we all remember when the skater trend was popular, either in high school or middle school. My friends and I were all about ratty converses, skinny jeans and oversized sweatshirts. This week’s Fashionista was inspired by these pieces and rocked them in a much more sophisticated way. Starting at the top, she wears a deep teal knit beret that is reminiscent of the beanies that were so popular back in the day. She models a bold pair of black frames that she bought while bargain shopping in the city, similar to this beautiful Tiffany & Co. pair. Her oversized maroon cardigan is a stylish way to get the slouchy effect instead of a baggy hoodie.

On bottom, she wears a simple pair of tight gray skinny jeans that emphasize her petite frame and balances the heaviness of her cardigan. Finally, my favorite part of her ensemble has to be her bright white Converse All-Stars, which this Fashionista makes edgy by pulling the tongue of the sneaker over her jean. The crisp white and bright red accents in her high-tops take this classic skater sneaker to a new and very fashionable level. When updating old looks and modeling them this week, take a note out of Justin Timberlake’s book: I’m bringin’ skater back, yeah!


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