STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: I’ll Take The Sweater Dress Combo, Please

Style Advice of the Week

There is nothing more unpredictable than the North Carolina weather. While it seems that the spring is officially underway, it doesn’t mean that the temperature won’t drop and rise drastically throughout the day, and that doesn’t mean that a downpour could fall at any minute. Finding the perfect outfit in this crazy weather seems almost impossible. I spotted this Fashionista on one of the first days of spring, and her adorable outfit is not only incredibly chic, but also is perfect for these unpredictable weather days.

This Fashionista pairs a long sleeved rose hued lace dress underneath a pale pink light sweater. I love the contrast of materials that she uses in this outfit. Putting the cotton sweater over lace dress makes her look girly yet bohemian, using her mash-up of materials to create a mix-up of styles. This is especially good for the weird weather because it uses a layering technique to prepare for any event. A sweater over a dress is a great option because you can look both classy and casual at the same time. Another great way to show this style would be to wear an oversized cardigan over a dress. This gives off the same casual and bohemian look. This style is incredibly versatile and can be worn to class, out with friends or even a day with the family.

The pairing of the brown leather short boots is a great way to top off this look. It adds to the overall vibe of the outfit, and adds a little edge over flats or sandals (not to mention it is more appropriate for the weather). She finishes off the rest of the outfit with a pale blue infinity scarf, a statement ring and a classic gold watch. The scarf is a perfect addition to the outfit because it complements the rest of the light pastel tones, and adds volume to the sweater/dress combo. Her few, yet bold, accessories finish off the outfit nicely.

Mixing and matching materials, adding volume and layering is a great technique for the spring weather. This outfit has a great vibe for welcoming the spring, managing to be cute, bohemian and casual all at once.


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