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After recuperating over winter break, I have returned to the daily grind of a heavy workload, learning  about study abroad programs and looking for internships. School is definitely back in session. It’s especially jarring when you come from a snowy but sunny place like Denver and head back to rainy British Columbia. The cold here permeates your clothing and layering is the one and only true defense. Now that we’re back in the academic mood, why not have our warm layers reflect that?

There is something endearing about high school once you reach university. You begin to miss the short classes, lack of work and maybe even the ability to ditch a class or two. The trends of 2013 and 2014 reflect this feeling of nostalgia. From Miley Cyrus’s music video “23” to soft flowing varsity wear from the Marni 2014 spring collection, varsity jackets have popped up all over the place. Although I never played sports in high school, I wouldn’t mind joining any team that looked this good.

Now, a couple years ago, if you told me to picture sporty style I would see someone decked out in Lacoste. However, that is simply not the case now with sports-inspired style. Sporty street style is no longer boring. Sporty style isn’t even totally classic anymore and has actually gained some edge. I was getting back into my coffee groove when I spotted this Fashionista’s clever use of layers. Not only is she keeping warm with her Dr. Martens and cozy sweater, but she also added a varsity jacket to keep out the rainy chill. The varsity jacket is a great addition because it holds a story. On one sleeve are the school’s unique tiger logo and the position of the player while on the other sleeve, the name “Mark” is embroidered. This jacket is not only unique but extremely on-trend for sportswear. I would say this outfit scores a touchdown.

Even if you’ve never really had school spirit, now is the time to get some. You still can ditch the pep rallies, just pick up a boss varsity jacket. If you want to stay true to the varsity style pick up a classic varsity jacket. You could even search for a vintage jacket to get your own unique look. If you like the cut of a varsity jacket but don’t want the high school feel, get a printed bomber jacket instead. Anyway you go, your look will definitely hit a home run.


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