STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How to Look Wonderfur

Style Advice of the Week

When it’s cold outside, many of us opt for simply what makes us warm and do not think (or even care) if we look decent or not. But I am here to say to my fellow Fashionista/os that there are fashionable options out there waiting to be worn. When I want to bold and warm at the same time, and the over-worn winter coat isn’t cutting it anymore, I put on my fur coat. Depending on how you style your fur coat/vest, you can either look like a boss like Kanye West, really glamorous like Marilyn Monroe or simple and chic like the Olsen twins.

Our Fashionista this week wore an awesome fur vest over a simple white V-neck T-shirt, looking classy and chic. The great thing about fur vests are they are perfect for layering especially in the cooler seasons.  They are versatile and can be worn with just about anything from dresses or with a cute skater skirt. You can also find fur vests in a variety of colors. There are some with a more vibrant color palette, like red and black and then there are some vests with a more neutral color palette. You can also find some with pockets or hoods.

Now you may be skeptical about fur for two reasons: 1. Fur can be expensive beyond all reason and 2. Fur usually is the topic of major debate. And yes, both of these reasons are true but usually when dealing with real fur. So for you animal lovers and people on a budget, there are thousands of options of faux fur coats that are far more inexpensive than the real thing and are just as cute. Our Fashionista found her vest at PacSun!

I love how our Fashionista was fearless when it came to mixing and matching a print with texture!  She wore a black and white polka-dot pant that goes so well with the light brown fur. She could easily take the fur vest off and still have a cute outfit. These pants are great for school or a night out.

Our Fashionista completed her outfit with beautiful jewelry. Her long pearl necklace and hand chain bracelet are just as show stopping as her great fur vest.

It’s important to have your own sense of style even when it’s ridiculously cold, so be brave and be bold with what you wear! The drab winter won’t seem so bad if you do.


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