STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How To Build A Practical Wardrobe

Style Advice of the Week

Reinventing your wardrobe each day is one of the many lessons a Fashionista must learn during her college years. Note to self: suggest making the art of mixing and matching outfits an academic class. I do not know about you, but it takes me a solid 15 minutes to think of what to wear in the morning. I usually ask myself: “Should I where these pants two times in a row?” ”Where is that shirt I like?” Then I stop and remember: “Oh great, it is in the laundry basket.” Can you relate?

In Brazil, fast fashion stores are actually not cheap. So I basically just have to wait around for expensive stores to go on sale. Sad, but true story. Therefore, making three different outfits out of one is something I am trying to master. Enough said, that it is the reason I noted this collegiate’s outfit. Her T-shirt, shorts and tights are an affordable look and very easy to copy.

What I also particularly liked about this outfit was the fact that she stuck to classic colors: red, black and white. Investing in tones that never go out of style is another trick to constructing a smart wardrobe. It is 10 times easier to mix and match classic colors than neon and tie-dye tones. Plus, you will never grow tired of black, red and white. The Fashionista’s accessories were also something I liked. As you can see, she opted for red sneakers and a red backpack. They both matched her red lips in a cool way. Ready to try the overall look?



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