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I love my summer clothing! I mean, why should I have to clear my entire wardrobe for a new season when before you know it another season comes around and knocks all your loved pieces right out the window. I never give up on my summer clothes, instead I just figure out ways to layer my summer pieces and make them perfect for fall/winter.

I never give up on my summer dresses, ever. Some of these summer pieces come in the perfect light colors and designs. Why not just figure out a way to rock that dress and still keep warm at the same time?

Our Fashionista shows us just how she rocks her summer dress during this chilly fall weather. Tights, tights, tights, are always the answer. Stock up on them, they will be your lifesavers during the chilly weather. Wear them with your summer dresses to keep you both warm and fashionable! Our Fashionista wears her white summer dress with plain black tights; this keeps her look clean and classic. Don’t be afraid to play with different prints on tights. Patterned tights are guaranteed to make people envious of your sense of style (Try this, this and this).

I love how our Fashionista rocks her cardigan under her coat; she color coordinates it well enough that it makes it seem like one piece. Little tricks like this enhance simple coats that you may have in your wardrobe!

Done with layering your summer dress? Perfect! Now top it all off like our Fashionista does with a statement piece. For her statement piece she is rocking a color-block purse. Statement pieces work great on neutral colors so you could try a statement necklace as well.

Don’t let go of your summer dresses people! Why should you? Layering them up can be both trendy and economical.


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