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Everyone remembers the classic Britney Spears song, “…Baby One More Time.” When Spears released her debut single in 1998, audiences worldwide fell in love with its catchy beat as well as the school uniform that she wore in the music video. In fact, Britney Spears is often accredited for bringing the schoolgirl look back into style through her influential music video. Clearly, it has had long-lasting effects because people are still pulling off the look today. This week’s Fashionista wore a cute variation of the famous uniform.

This Fashionista wore a white cotton button-up shirt purchased from a store in Japan that she tucked into a high-waisted baby pink chiffon skirt from American Apparel. On top of her shirt, she wore a thrifted open-front black cardigan. Underneath her skirt, she wore black stockings and black flat laced sneakers, both from American Apparel as well. Although she didn’t sport pink pom-poms in her hair, she did wear a darling black leather bow underneath her top bun.

This Fashionista did a wonderful job adding in her own flair to this classic stlyle. If you would also like to experiment with Britney’s iconic look, start by getting a plain high-waisted skirt. High-waisted skirts have proven to be more flattering than low-rise/low-waisted skirts because they minimize your waistline, accentuate your hips and elongate your legs, creating an hourglass figure. They come in many different colors, materials and lengths and can generally go well with any type of shirt. For the sake of maintaining the “preppy schoolgirl” theme of this outfit, pick a collared button-up shirt.

Next, put a neutral open-front cardigan over your collared shirt. The length of your cardigan may vary. Nowadays, longer oversized cardigans seem to be the common pick. When worn with a shorter skirt, the trend is that the cardigan’s length should be either slightly longer or the same length as the skirt. On the other hand, you will achieve the schoolgirl look more if you wear a shorter cardigan that falls at your waist or your hips.

Your shoes can either be flat or heeled. Traditional schoolgirls wore flat shoes, such as ballet flats or oxford shoes. However, if you want to stray away from the traditional look by wearing something funkier, heeled shoes will also look great with your outfit. Sneaker wedges, for example, are a modern alternative that will spice up your outfit.

I may or may not have been listening to “…Baby One More Time” on repeat the entire time I was writing this article. Anyways, go keep Britney’s trend alive! Remember that the schoolgirl look doesn’t always have to be a starched white collar, plaid skirt and flats. Be creative and have fun.


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