STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hints of Animal Print

Style Advice of the Week

The end of the semester has finally arrived for us here at CSUF, and that means one thing: finals. Sometimes, cramming in every possible key term in the book isn’t enough to get prepared. To get an extra surge of confidence, you have to wear something that makes you feel strong and powerful. This season, that something is animal print.

This Fashionisto is the perfect depiction of a stylish wild child. From his unforgettable double nose ring down to his studded oxford flats; his obvious affinity for hardware was only the basis for his fun and eclectic look. When mixing in bold statement pieces, make sure to stick to basic accessories because a little bit really can go a long way. This Fashionisto also wore some black slim fitted jeans and a peacoat that coordinated seamlessly together. As the days become more cold and gray, this combination will serve as your uniform because of its durability and incessant chic factor. After all, black never goes out of style.

The wildest component of this Fashionisto’s ensemble was definitely his leopard print button-down. By pairing this top with a satin skinny tie, he streamlined his overall look. Leopard print, or animal print in general, is a great way to mix some personality into your wardrobe during the colder days. It has the ability to make a statement while still coordinating with all the other hues in your look. Aside from its sartorial benefits, this is exactly the type of print that gives you a ferocious  surge of energy to push through finals week and whatever else stands between you and a relaxing holiday season. It’s a trend that has been embraced greatly in street-style this year.

If you are one of the few students that is still tying loose ends on the fall semester, do it with style and command.  Adding even the slightest hints of animal print into your look will amp your confidence and get you feeling your all-time best.

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