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Of all the clothing items in the world, besides perhaps pajamas, dresses take the cake as the most comfortable. When it suddenly turns to summer and walking a block means trying not to melt on the pavement, all us Fashionistas crave an adorable yet breathable outfit to get us through the day. This Fashionista rocks a vintage baby doll dress with gorgeous embroidery and killer kimono-esque sleeves. There are seemingly endless styles of dresses to choose, from maxi to bodycon to skater style, but the baby doll dress is a unique and easily adaptable trend to anyone’s style.

The baby doll dress is most often defined by an empire waist, short hemline above the knee and negligee like style. Most often silk or chiffon, the baby doll dress is ultra-feminine and the perfect summer day dress; a bit like the sundress’ sexy cousin. It’s not surprising that this Fashionista’s cream-colored choice has a vintage feel, since these dresses came on the fashion scene back in the 1950s. The re-imagination of clothes cut for childhood dolls into adorable everyday wear, reminds me a bit of the movie Life-Size with the fabulous Tyra Banks. Instead of the doll coming to life, however, her adorable clothes were suddenly made for your closet.

For us petite Fashionistas, the baby doll dress is a godsend since many a dress can drown us in fabric. The empire waist adds length to your torso while the short hemline still showcases your legs. The dress doesn’t discriminate height, however, and this cut can be rocked by Hayden Panettiere and Heidi Klum alike.

The genius of this Fashionista was pairing her sweet and girly dress with a tomboy twist: black patterned Converse. With a dress as specific as the baby doll cut, accessories make all the difference. Adding on pearl earrings and pink ballet flats would completely transform this look. The baby doll dress is great for any Fashionista who loves to mix and match styles because once you branch away from the obvious add-ons (think delicate gold accents or dainty sandals) the dress becomes the perfect canvas for contrasting trends.

You could throw on a military style green jacket, knee high gladiator sandals or rock a 1970s inspired beaded belt. This Fashionista lets her dress take center stage and pairs it with understated yet interesting accessorizes. Big frame glasses, feather earrings and Converse aren’t obvious choices but complement the dress perfectly. No matter what you put on your feet or how you bedazzle your outfit with jewels, let your maxi dresses take a break this summer and let your inner child free with the baby doll dress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can make any outfit perfect for the day by adding on fun sneakers or Converse.”


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