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One of the most underrated accessories is the hat. It not only helps you retain your body heat and stay warm, but it is also an incredibly stylish addition to any ensemble. There are so many different styles, shapes and colors to play around with and incorporate into your look. Recently, there has been a large resurgence with fedoras, beanies and all different caps in the fashion world. This has influenced street style heavily and now it is uncommon to walk around and not see others donning different styles.

This Fashionista illustrates the power that a hat has to complete an outfit and elevate it to another level. She found her specific style while traveling abroad in Rome. However, they are becoming more and more common in department stores and boutiques, not to mention, there are so many different types to play around with. Each one can transform a look and create a definitive vibe. Whether you are searching for a relaxed look and want to try a slouchy beanie or opting for a more structured feel by donning a fedora, there is no wrong avenue to pursue.

The key to recreating this chic look is choosing colors and silhouettes that complement each other. This Fashionista paired more muted blue, brown and gray pieces with a strong and vibrantly yellow bag in order to create a seamless look. Additionally, she balances her look by opting for both heavy and light pieces. Her warm wool jacket is a large piece, however, when she pairs it with a fitted hat and skinny jeans her look is not overwhelming or unflattering. The combination of colors, textures and silhouettes culminates in a chic look fit for a day around campus.


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