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Summer is the time for strolling down the pier or eating melted ice cream on the boardwalk with your pals. I am all about comfort when it comes to cruising along the beach or streets — sunglasses, boyfriend-cut denim and a soft T-shirt are my go-tos. But when I’m out all day, the most important part of my outfit is my pair of kicks. Like Carrie Bradshaw, I have a slight obsession over shoes, but you don’t have to possess the same love as I do in order to find a cool, comfortable pair to take you to your next adventure.

Summer is also the time of year that I start craving more and more color, and shoes are the perfect item for a flash of unexpected color. I tend to stick to my usual uniform of black Havaianas and the occasional white Converse, but when there are bright, hot days like this, who doesn’t want a pop of orange or splash of turquoise on his or her shoes?

This Fashionisto’s shoes are right on target with the perfect mix of colorful prints and comfortable style. First, the loose fitting, black graphic T-shirt is casual and goes perfectly with his modern-fit, gray chinos. Detailed shirts also give life and personality to a look, while lightweight pants allow him to be active and comfortable throughout the day. He is able to maintain his laid back look, while also sporting a pop of color for the summery, adventure-filled days.

Finally, leave it to the mandarin, floral Nike Janoskis to bring this Fashionisto’s outfit together. Notice how the iconic model covered in a bright, multi-colored floral print creates a fresh, new take on a classic pair of shoes. The base colors of his Janoskis are white, gray and black, allowing the shoes to match the color scheme of his outfit. However, the sporadic mandarin flowers bring an exciting element to the look. Orange is a perfect color to accent this Fashionisto’s summer style because it is loud and happy, but not overbearing.

The Janoski model is a timeless and sporty shoe that can go with shorts, pants, tanks or hoodies. As you search for the right pair, keep in mind the color scheme of your closet before you invest — you want to ensure that your colorful new kicks won’t clash with clothing you already have. Also, it is important to consider a pair that has a muted color base with bright colored details, similar to this Fashionisto’s. This way, your new shoes will not only blend seamlessly with your current closet, but will spice it up as well.

Whether you’re a Fashionista or a Fashionisto, a comfortable pair of sneakers with a dash of color and a whole lot of personality is a must have for the summer, and, well, for any time really. Put your best foot forward when going out with friends and find the perfect pair.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what you want, forget the rules. I look for shoes that have character behind them, which reflect my personality.”


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