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“I wear your granddad’s clothes…I look incredible…” these Thrift Shop lyrics sung by artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have brought about many new fads, thrift store themed parties, eclectic outfits seen around campus and most importantly, a new love for thrifting.

Stores such as the Goodwill and the Salvation Army provide fashion loving people the opportunity to find original pieces without breaking the bank. Not only can you find vintage items but you can also usually score some solid accessories, such as jewelry and belts (especially from the men’s section).

Not only are thrift stores great places to find recycled clothes, but so are family members’ and friends’ closets. This Fashionista proves that borrowing old clothes is almost even better than buying something brand new.

She paired her dad’s knit fingerless gloves with his knit ear warmer as the outfit’s accent pieces. By sticking to all neutral clothes, she is able to play up her accessories, especially her brown Frye boots and her oversized Ray-Ban glasses.

What I love about this Fashionista’s look is that it’s a perfect combination of old and new. Her glasses and boots add a sophisticated vibe to her hand-me-down laced outfit. By doing this, she is able to show that she understands the latest fashion trends but is comfortable enough to be original.

Her tight black jeans and hip-length pea coat paired with her thick knitted accessories adds dimension because they are different visual weights. This helps provide shape to her look while still providing warmth. Her knee high boots help to lengthen her legs, especially since her coat is longer than most.

Similarly to this Fashionista, I usually “shop” in my dad’s closet. He passed me down his Lacoste sweaters from when he was a boy. My favorite outfit from him is closet is his charcoal Gap thermal layered under his Ralph Lauren oversized jean shirt paired with black leggings and patterned Toms shoes.
Because shopping at thrift stores are always either a hit or miss, there are actual stores that provide the same vintage and unique looks… but are readily available. My two personal favorites are: Need Supply Co. in Richmond, Virginia (which is pretty much the hipster capital of the East Coast) and ModCloth, where I have bought all of my best dresses from… Mod Cloth is also great because it offers a wide range of designs and it even has its own vintage section.

So whether you are looking for one particular piece to complete an outfit, trying to save a few bucks or even just looking to revamp your wardrobe, don’t count out the thrift stores because in the words of Macklemore, “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket!”

Style On, Maggie Roth


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