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One thing I have started to notice is that when people seem to give off good vibes here on campus, not only is the sun shining but they tend to be wearing brighter colors as well. An every day laid back look can go from alright to on point just by adding bright colors to your outfit.

This Fashionisto’s bright orange Nike KD VI basketball sneakers are essentially what draw you into his entire look . I think his sneaker choice is a nice added touch of color to his laid back blue khaki color scheme attire. He looks comfortable but still put together and dressed for class in his blue pants and grey hoodie layered with an Abercrombie & Fitch denim jacket. This outfit could possibly go nice with another style shoe like Sperry Top-Siders or Timberland boots, but I think the unique sneakers that he has chosen are what make the outfit his own.

When it comes to the latest men’s streetware fashion, sneakers tend to be the focal point of the outfit other then maybe their shirt or nice jacket. The sneaker variety that is out there today is what seems to be endless for men and women. From Jordan and Nike to Converse and Vans with everything else in between, men defiantly have as many shoe options if not possibly more than the ladies. Simply by wearing an attention grabbing sneaker like this Fashionisto did, makes your everyday basic off to class outfit much more fashionable and memorable. If there’s one thing I personally love about fashion, it is the way you are able to express yourself through your clothes. With men’s fashion being what can at times seem limited, wearing trendy sneakers is the perfect opportunity for them to show  off their individual style. With the ability to change your shoes every day of the week to complement your outfits  is what I think has contributed to the growth of men’s streetware fashion today. I used to think the saying “a girl can never have too many shoes” only pertained to ladies but with the good vibes men receive from their sneakers, I am starting to believe it applies to their lives as well. So men when in doubt, buy the shoes!


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