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One piece of advice that people never fail to mention, whether it’s in regards to a career path or a new responsibility you may be taking on, is the principle of balance or moderation. Many people find this concept of delegating equal and fair amounts of their attention and time to different tasks far too challenging. However, the few who are able to properly instill in their lives a sense of balance are the ones with ambition and a deep desire for success. This appetite for prosperity and happiness can undoubtedly be seen in the way one presents his or herself.

I spotted today’s Fashionista on her way to lunch with a few of her co-workers. From maintaining a job, being diligently engaged in her academics and being actively involved in campus organizations to making time for herself and for her friends, this Fashionista appears to be doing it all! Her mature yet slightly sassy black on black attire is a perfect example of how to incorporate a new trend into your wardrobe without over doing it. Though her outfit remained consistently the same color, she made sure to choose items that still had a hint of another color in them (gold in her case). Her heavy and elegant gold necklace was like the icing on top of a rich and fabulous cake! From her zipper leggings and her gold chain side satchel, to her beautiful blond hair she looked like a true golden girl.

Find yourself wanting to try a new trend, food or hobby? Go for it! You more than likely have nothing to lose. Just remember to keep in mind the importance of moderation. Take notes from today’s Fashionista and be brave when trying something for the first time. Always make sure to maintain a decent level of balance in anything and everything it is that you chose to do.


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