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It’s no secret that wearing bold patterns is one of the easiest ways to get yourself noticed. After all, there are an infinite amount of options: stripes, polka-dots, zigzags and, of course, we can’t forget the eccentric graphic patterns like hamburgers and cats. Though these are all fun options to have in your wardrobe, my favorite option this season has been anything tribal.

This Fashionista proves that wearing a tribal print is an easy way to get noticed. Her unique coat is sure to make a statement no matter where she goes. I’m a sucker for anything black, oversized, fringy and leather, so her jacket is hitting everything I love. Underneath, she keeps it simple with just a bodycon skirt and a crop top, all of which are in neutral colors. Since her coat packs a punch, she tones everything else down, which is a good rule of thumb when wearing patterns.

Tribal print pieces aren’t anything new, but it seems like stores and brands everywhere have been stepping up their game lately. I was recently in one of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters, and fell in love with an amazing pair of Ikat harem pants. These are my newest obsession because they’re absolutely the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn. Dare I say it, they’re even better than yoga pants. Not only that, but they look ten thousand times cuter than sweats or work out bottoms because you can pair them with strappy sandals, a crop top and an edgy leather coat. If it’s a little too warm for leather, you can throw on a black or white blazer instead and look just as fashionable

I understand that harem pants aren’t everybody’s thing, especially if you’re vaguely concerned about looking like MC Hammer. Never fear, because basically every other clothing item imaginable comes in a tribal print. Now that spring time is just around the corner, those of us in California are starting to whip out our tank tops, skirts, shorts and dresses (all of which look super trendy with a native twist). An easy outfit that I can always rely on for a night out on the town is a tribal print skirt with a lacy bustier top and some wedge heels or combat boots.

If it’s not quite warm enough in your neck of the woods to start bringing out your summery items, the tribal print can also be incorporated in sweaters, oversized cardigans or even a fun kimono. Though a kimono won’t exactly do too much to keep you warm, they look casually cool with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a cropped tank top. Kimonos are another item to look out for this spring; they’re popping up everywhere here on the west coast.

No matter what the weather is, tribal print is always appropriate. Say “hello” to spring by workin’ it in items that aren’t just black and white, but fun colors as well!


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