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I hope everyone is settling in nice and well back at school. If you’re anything like me, you may have gone overboard on the amount of clothes you brought back and are probably reading this post instead of unpacking like you should be. In the midst of saying goodbyes to old friends and hellos to newer ones, packing and unpacking and standing in line to pick up books, a Fashionista needs a simple no fuss outfit. Blue jeans are an easy grab and go staple, but I challenge you to resist the urge. Try something a little more adventurous and go green!

This Fashionista, a student at Syracuse University and a high school friend, is working this pair she purchased from Gap. The army green is bold enough to make a statement, but its earthy tone allows for pairing with anything from the open back sweater she has on, to an awesome daisy printed knit.  I personally think a loud orchid colored top would be killer, but play around for yourself!

Army inspired pieces were oh so trendy in the year 2010 and were worn down many a runway. Even just last spring, it seemed as if every girl wanted to get her hands on a dark green utility jacket, myself included. Marc Jacobs featured the style on his runway, and rock star celebrities like Avril Lavigne seem to pull it off very well too.

What was once seemed to be a trend, proved to have staying power. All of the hype may have gone away, but coming from a girl who rarely slips her legs into anything that is not a legging, olive green pants are a must have for any busy girl’s closet. So switch out your denim for the day! Similar pairs can be found at J.Crew, however if you don’t happen to be going to class in sunny Columbia, SC, this pair from Urban Outfitters incorporates some corduroy details to keep you just a tad bit less chilly.


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