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College, as the collective “they” will tell you, is a time for discovering yourself. It is a time to try on different personas, to experience new things and maybe even to experiment with shocking hair colors. It is a time for taking inventory and learning what feels right. Some things will stick, but others not so much.  However, you can use this opportunity to learn about your authentic self that makes this period of life so exciting. Fashion is the most evident medium for this exploration of self-expression. Although many students at OSU conform to the norm, there are always brave souls sprinkled throughout. The ones who dare to be seen. These are precisely the Fashionistas/os who motivate me to write each week.

Take today’s Fashionista for example — her unique mix of materials and silhouettes grabbed my attention immediately. She pairs black, lace mini-shorts with a star-studded sweater and a bold, fur-trimmed bomber jacket. Not only is she playing with neutral tones in an interesting way, but she is also taking layers to a new level of cool. This look would be even more intriguing with the jacket unzipped as it would give us a glimpse of her chambray button-down peeking out from underneath her sweater.

Even though there are many elements at work in this ensemble, the whole remains cohesive. This is thanks in part to the muted color palate that ties each differing silhouette together. I love how her hair even blends effortlessly into the red tones of her jacket. Overall, the modern, bohemian vibe of this outfit is a perfect antidote to the mid-winter blues. My style advice for this week is to test your comfort zone with an edgier approach to dressing. Push the boundaries as much as you like. Find what works for you.

If you love this Fashionista’s gypsy rock aesthetic as much as I do, then you are in luck because I found a few items to help you recreate your own version. For starters, invest in a coquettish pair of lace shorts — they are the foundation of this offbeat look. Have fun with this “anything goes” style and jazz the mood up with a daring jacket. Next, pair it with a sweater of your choosing underneath. A quirky pair of platform sneakers is the last addition you’ll need. This final touch will keep your feet comfortable and cute for a long day of classes.

As the expression goes, “don’t gild the lilies.” In other words, don’t hide the natural features of your physical and mental being. Embrace whatever conception of you exists now because the beauty of life is that we are always changing, and hopefully, always refining that definition.


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