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In last week’s post, I mentioned how leather jackets are being replaced by other “masculine” pieces of clothing, such as combat jackets. However, that’s not to say that leather itself is going out of style. Fashionistas still actively wear leather, but just in a different form. Instead of leather jackets, leather pants are dominating the fashion industry as the hottest alternative to jeans and other everyday pants. This week’s Fashionista proved that leather pants truly do make a statement.

This Fashionista wore high-waisted black leather pants from Forever 21 and paired them with a strikingly colorful geometric-patterned button up shirt that she purchased in China. On top of her shirt, she put on a heather gray Helmut Lang trench coat as well as a hand-me-down royal blue structured handbag, worn as a crossbody. She completed her daring look by throwing on a pair of black patent leather platform boots from Alexander Wang.

Leather pants are bold articles of clothing. It is difficult to look subtle in them because they stand out so much in comparison to more common pant materials. They almost always create an unconventional and edgy look. This being said, there is only one way to wear leather pants: audaciously.

Pairing your pants with conspicuous patterns, colors and graphics will make you stand out even more. Animal prints and neon are a few examples. If this week’s Fashionista inspires you, try wearing a colorful geometric patterned shirt. Geometric patterns use hard lines and edges to create an artistic design of shapes and colors. The unique arrangement of shapes makes for an eye-catching piece of clothing. You will look like a walking Picasso painting (in a good way). If you wish to wear something over your shirt, an oversized cardigan or a trench coat would be my first picks.

Your shoes should also be bold. After all, shoes can either make or break an outfit. Platform boots, neon flats and over-the-knee boots are a few options. Just make sure that you maintain the theme of the entire look.

There is a reason why leather pants are often associated with rock stars. They exude a sense of confidence that no other article of clothing can give off. If you’ve been looking for a look that will boost your ego, this is definitely the outfit for you. Go be a rock star and blow your audience away.


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