STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Glimpses of Leather

Style Advice of the Week

Leather is a great trend that I’ve been seeing all over campus recently. We all know about the typical leather jacket, the very cool leather pant or the sleek leather top. The new style that has been appearing now is leather patches. Instead of having a fully leather top, only the sleeves have leather, for instance. This creates pops of leather in your outfit that are much more subtle but just as, or maybe even more, chic.

This week on campus, I spotted this Fashionista wearing an ensemble with the perfect pops of leather. To start, her gorgeous jacket has this two-tone look, but instead of with colors, it is with fabrics. Only the top half of the jacket is the leather fabric while the rest is another fabric. Her pants are this awesome army green color and have the trendy patch of leather over the knees. She pulls together her pants and jacket with a neutral white top with black stripes. I bet you are thinking stripes as a neutral is crazy! As you can see on this Fashionista, it totally works as a neutral and adds a bit more flavor than just a white T-shirt. On her feet are very stylish black booties that lace up the front. To lighten up the ensemble, she adds a beige scarf.

Another way to try out the pop of leather look is the leather sleeved top I mentioned above. You can either go two ways with this look: the sweater or the T-shirt. Either style can be paired perfectly with boyfriend jean and black strapped heels.

This patch of leather trend is definitely something fun to try out this week. The best part is that it is so much more comfortable than a full leather garment. If you want to get into the leather trend, but don’t like the feel of a total leather garment, this pop of leather trend is a great solution!


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