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Being a college student is all about pulling off the perfect balancing act. Juggling a full class schedule, a part-time job and a social life can be a daunting task and one that involves a lot of dashing across campus. When I am choosing my outfit for the day, I try to put together a look that will take me from classes, to the office and then to a dinner date with friends. This Fashionisto’s outfit perfectly achieves that trifecta. I snapped his photo just as he was about to begin an afternoon of interning and transition into a Friday night dinner with friends.

His look is casual and easy going for class and dinner out with friends yet structured enough for an internship. The focal point of the outfit is a bright blue gingham button-down that adds a pop of print and playfulness to an otherwise understated ensemble. Layered with a sleeveless, gray sweater vest and paired with a pair of fitted jeans, this look instantly becomes perfect for casual Friday at the office. The outfit is tied together with a lightweight beige jacket, oval framed sunglasses, a brown leather belt and a pair of the ubiquitous Clark’s Desert Boots.

Cory is ahead of the trend with his layered and structured pieces. Raf Simons of Christian Dior fame recently sent layered looks with turtlenecks, oxfords and sweater vests down the runway for his namesake fall 2013 collection during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Whereas Raf Simons paired a patterned vest with solid colored oxfords, Cory made the look a little more office-friendly with a boldly patterned button-down topped with a solid and neutral sweater vest.

To emulate this Fashionisto’s style, layer a vibrant gingham shirt from one of his favorite stores, British retailer Topman, with a solid vest and pair of fitted jeans. Play around with prints and colors to make this look your own, for example try a larger gingham print to make a louder statement, or experiment with a bright, complementary colored sweater vest rather than a neutral. With such vivid, patterned focal pieces, opt for natural and low-key accessories like wayfarers and a simple leather belt.


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