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Lately, here in Azusa, the weather has become extremely unpredictable. One minute it seems sunny enough to tan, and in the next second clouds cover the sky and there is a flash rain storm. What is a girl to do in these conditions? While it might be tempting not to adventure outside at all and bum around in pajamas all day, the unpredictable storms outside don’t need to win. A graphic sweater is the best way to create a functional and fashionable outfit to fight stormy days.

This Fashionista exemplifies what it means to be chic in nasty weather. Her outfit is very neutral in color. The black high-waisted shorts and shoes, paired with her white graphic sweater stating L’AMOUR, create a high contrast outfit. To add interest to the look, she paired a white gold watch and light crystal necklace to accessorize. By making the majority of the outfit black, the white graphic sweater stands as a bold statement piece in the outfit.

To recreate this Fashionista’s look, owning a bold graphic sweater is key. Any sweater with a bold graphic in the form of text, or an image will do. I personally like the variety of sweaters that Forever 21 provides. In additon to a graphic sweater, shorts and shoes of the same color group are needed. Charlotte Russe carries a variety of high-waisted shorts. For boots like to the ones worn by this Fashionista, DSW has similar styles. To complete the look, jewelry is a must and Nordstrom has a variety of options to choose from.

Graphic sweaters are a comfortable yet fashionable way to fight unpredictable weather. Best of all any personal style taste can be shown through this trend. So instead of never crawling out of bed and hiding from the ugliness outside, throw on a graphic sweater and some jewelry. You won’t regret it.


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