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This will be week two of featuring a guy for my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK post and I could not be more ecstatic to see these boys actually showing off their sense of style—gold stars for some of the male population! This post is about simply having fun with clothing. Many times, people think of fashion as an ice-cold world, with tons of rules that few truly understand. In reality, your style should showcase your personality. Therefore, I believe, there should be no rules in fashion—I’m feeling a little rebellious today. We’re in college. This is the time period of our lives when we should be having fun with what we wear!

This Fashionisto is wearing a great example of a fun and laidback ensemble. His graphic sweatshirt made me laugh. Who doesn’t need a bit of comic relief every once in a while? Okay, so maybe this sweatshirt isn’t so appropriate for class or an internship, but it’s totally acceptable for walking around campus on a weekend! Graphic T-shirts or sweatshirts add interest to an outfit and also provide a great conversation starter. Like I’ve said before, make sure the piece is tasteful. Too often I see men wear tops with what they think are clever sayings on them and it’s not actually the case. Boys, your “YOLO” and/or “Come at Me Bro” shirts are and will never be cute and have got to go. With this being said, you can wear a funny graphic without coming across as extremely obnoxious.

He completes his outfit with black pants, a snapback, headphones and a pair of black and red Nike sneakers. These pieces give the outfit a hip and urban feel. Let’s be honest, you always look cool wearing a pair of headphones. His ensemble is perfect for a weekend hanging out with friends.

This week, I challenge you to have fun with fashion. Bring out that hilarious graphic sweatshirt. Embrace the time you have as a college student. We have the rest of our lives to be serious and mature!

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